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Financial Consulting

Banking and Financial Markets
United Consulting has developed considerable expertise in the sector of legal and fiscal regulations of financial brokers, credit institutions and saving banks. It provides consulting and support both in the preliminary phase and during the operational phase carried out by financial brokers.

United Consulting provides strategic consulting, and also deals with promoting saving management products (alternative founds included), preparing relevant documents and contracts, supporting brokers while interacting with the relevant supervisory authorities and providing useful advice; moreover, it provides assistance during placing of securities, takeovers, sales and underwritings, and deals with the quotation of companies and financial instruments within the regulated markets.

United Consulting also provides financial instruments and online investment services (through the Internet and further remote communication techniques).

What banks are concerned, United Consulting provides consulting and support concerning the major fulfilments foreseen by relevant rules and regulations, and manages every aspect of the collection of savings from both individuals and credit institutions.

What insurance companies are concerned, it provides strategic consulting regarding the relevant products and activities and their distribution.

0 Together with its clients, it strives to develop new financial tools while evaluating their legal, regulatory and fiscal impact.
Capital Markets
United Consulting provides strategic consulting concerning equity and debt Capital Markets. In particular, it provides assistance during takeovers, quotations, capital increases, issue of obligations and convertible warrants, private placements, issue and/or offer of debt financial instruments, establishment/updating of EMTN Programmes and block market operations.

United Consulting supports public companies while carrying out extraordinary corporate governance operations. Skilled professionals provide support during all phases of the process, from originating up to closing.
Corporate Finance
United Consulting helps clients obtain bank financing both nationally and internationally based on their sector and location.
Establishment of bank relationships
United Consulting has excellent relationships with numerous national and international banks, and cooperates with prestigious private institutions and commercial and investment divisions.

Companies can’t work without proper bank instruments.

Depending on its clients’ needs, United Consulting establishes dedicated banking relationships notwithstanding the institution involved.

The selection of the right credit institution based on its clients’ needs is a fundamental element to obtain letters of credit, swap derivatives, co-signings and further financial management tools.

United Consulting also helps clients open current accounts and take advantage of corporate financial tools while retaining total confidentiality.

Every credit institution has peculiar features. The evaluation of the bank’s main features based on clients’ needs allows for the maximization of offered values.
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