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Fiscal Consulting

Fiscal Support and Assistance
Our professional fiscal support deals with the major problems linked to direct and indirect taxes. United Consulting provides the following services:

  • It provides advice regarding the interpretation and application of both national and international tributary regulations;
  • It prepares targeted tax schedules including income taxes, VAT and further indirect taxes;
  • It assists clients during the start-up phase and further extraordinary operations;
  • It provides targeted advice regarding statements in compliance with the relevant civil and fiscal regulations;
  • It offers dedicated advice concerning financial administration.
International Fiscal Planning and Transfer Pricing
In collaboration with our international network that operates across 13 different jurisdictions, our international tax experts offer foreign customers and international investors a global view and innovative solutions.
International fiscal planning is an essential activity for our global group. Companies that operate across one or more countries must strive to detect the right partners and tools to achieve their objectives and fiscal goals.
We also support those interested in increasing their international competitiveness while operating across different countries and fiscal zones. We help them plan their activities abroad while detecting the right geographical areas and states with a better tributary system and suggesting the necessary strategies to move parts of the production, distribution or financial process there. We also provide advice on the best types of companies (branches, production divisions, secondary headquarters, affiliated companies) that allow to achieve saving growths and avoid taxes (tax saving). The sustainability analysis concerning the necessary polices to apply in order to establish transfer prices plays a fundamental role; United Consulting carries out specific analyses and microeconomics studies to assess the sustainability of employed methods with the fiscal authorities of the involved countries.
The fundamental elements of the tax saving technique carried out by United Consulting are:

  • In-depth knowledge of the fiscal regulations of the jurisdiction where the customer operates;
  • Ability to understand and analyze the business and familiar conditions of the customer;
  • Possibility to evaluate the move of the income that is subject to taxes in the country of the customer to another jurisdiction;
  • In-depth knowledge of the fiscal regulations of the new jurisdiction chosen for the source of income;
  • Ability to analyze solutions with the best possible relationship between operational costs (production, distribution and fiscal activities) and fiscal savings.
  • In-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the new jurisdiction chosen for the source of income
  • Ability to present the project developed for the customer to the relevant international banks and financial institutions
  • Ability to develop systems that match the legislative changes of the original jurisdiction or the new jurisdiction chosen for the source of income

United Consulting proposes onshore solutions or a combination of onshore and offshore solutions that comply with the relevant rules and regulations and all provisions set forth by the relevant international agreements with the exception of "abuse of right".
Fiscal Due Diligence
Periodically or in connection with peculiar situations (such as acquisitions), we check the fiscal conditions of companies and groups about:

  • The right interpretation and application of the relevant ordinary and extraordinary fiscal requirements;
  • The detection of potential risk areas;
  • The detection of potential responsibilities;
  • The adjustment to new regulations and the management of previous irregularities exploiting the opportunities offered by relevant rules

  • We cooperate with our customers, and ask them to fill in dedicated questionnaires to evaluate their "fiscal condition" and list the necessary fulfilments to comply with the relevant fiscal rules.
Fiscal Updating
The national and international fiscal regulations are constantly evolving; we grant customers constant updating through the submission of publications in order to make them aware of the major news concerning their fiscal environment.

We also organize periodical meetings concerning the principal news of the tributary sector, in order to illustrate customers the recent legislative changes and examine their major difficulties.

We also organize customized training courses about specific topics and subjects.
Tax Inspections and Controversy
We regularly support customers during tax inspections and controversy. Our fiscal experts possess the necessary professional requirements to support customers in the best possible way.
Account Books and Company's Books
We provide dedicated book-keeping services and updating of the company’s books.
Boards of Auditors
Many partners of ours possess the necessary professional requirements to act as auditors in both ordinary and listed companies, and as financial brokers as well; apart from fulfilling the purposes set forth by law, auditors contribute to a mutual exchange of professional experiences, in order to provide third parties a comprehensive global view of core corporate activities.
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