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Internationalization consulting

The United Consulting can provide consulting and services of international business, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Octagona S.r.l., a company that is specialized in internationalizzation with more of 15 years of experience and it’s official supply of the Italian ministry of economic development, Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia region for the distribution of internationalization services. The objective of this partnership is to support company to sell their goods on the foreign markets and build a success projects of the intenationalitazion services, thanks to offices focused and in strategic partnership in global level by Octagona.

The services offered concern different activities and will be direct on the businesses with few experience with the foreign and that desire to start up an export project, also to company that have un experience more structured in the international markets and they mean strengthen their position. United Consulting and Octagona services are list to follow:

  • RADAR OF INTERNATIONALIZATION – the service that allow you of locate the market more appropriate through the elaboration of statistic analysis;
  • SMART EXPORT ASSISTANT – Activity of commercial support through the use of un Temporary Export Manager;
  • PARTNER – Research and selection partner/counterpart;
  • FOCUS – Product and market analysis;
  • SET- UP- Branch construction, delegation offices, local law company and Joint Venture agreement;
  • LEGAL – Legal support in foreign markets;
  • SUPPORT – Administrative, fiscal, financial, tax and customs support in foreign markets;
  • TRAINING – development of courses and tenure for institutions, formation authority, University, Studies center and companies;
  • Other internationalization support services (Business Plan editing, feasibility studies, ecc).
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