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Management Consulting

Compliance Programs
United Consulting assists customers in reinforcing their relationships with the financial and industrial sector, and helps them define proper organizational and managerial models.

Its activities include the detection of potential risk areas, the identification of the necessary prevention and safety measure, the definition of the model and relevant procedures and the provision of both training and consulting services that are aimed at maintaining the system’s effectiveness.

Through the implementation of the Code of Ethics, we provide useful services to all those interested in clearly defining the set of values they should follow to carry out their business.
Management Control
United Consulting provides dedicated support and consulting services to help customers plan their business strategies and evaluate results through the implementation of systems of analytic accountability, the introduction of systems of industrial accountability, the determination and analysis of margins on products, the analysis of the industrial variances in comparison with the standards and the redefinition of the fixed expenses for a proper cost / responsibility evaluation.

We support customers in drawing up both annual and pluriannual budgets.
Financial Planning
We provide useful financial check services while defining proper monitoring systems of both current and anticipatory liquidity through the drawing up of treasury reports and both final and anticipatory cash-flow statements.

We also deal with drawing up proper reports to improve relationships with banks and financial institutions.
Business Management Support
United Consulting supports customers while working with companies belonging to the financial and industrial sector:

  • Project Management;
  • Risk Management;
  • Temporary Management (with relevant authorizations) for the time needed to achieve goals;
  • Definition, creation, management and supervision of corporate Work Teams.

United Consulting deals with measuring performances and results while monitoring corporate strategies through the implementation of performance indicators based on the Balance Scorecard method.
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