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Patrimonial Planning

United Consulting helps customers safeguard their patrimonial assets, what plays a fundamental role today.
United Consulting helps customers who committed big mistakes in protecting their patrimonial assets and are now in trouble and run the risk of losing part of their properties.
United Consulting provides assistance and support, and its activities are especially important for:

  • Risks associated with entrepreneurial activity;
  • Generational turnover;
  • Protection of specific goods to be assigned to a particular member of the family;
  • Definition of the hereditary succession in a more effective and flexible way;
  • Protection of minors and people with disabilities;
  • Control of company’s stocks;
  • Collection of royalties and other benefits net of taxes;
  • Separation of special funds from the patrimony;
  • Creation of patrimonies with specific purposes (humanitarian, social or political);
  • Guarantee for business transactions, debenture stocks and further financing methods;
  • Assignment of stock options to managers and employees;

Its in-depth knowledge of the legislative systems of several jurisdictions is the key to the success of United Consulting, that is able to find the best possible solution for all issues mentioned above.
The services offered by United Consulting revolve around:

  • patrimonial and succession planning, included all issues dealing with tax regulations;
  • generational readjustment through the use of financial and/or corporate leverage;
  • trust constitution and administration (BVI, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Panama, San Marino, Singapore);
  • constitution and administration of foundations (Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Panama, San Marino);
  • constitution and administration of holding companies for corporate planning (Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, San Marino);
  • constitution and administration of real estate companies for asset protection and property portfolio;
  • constitution and administration of Luxembourg Investment Vehicles (sif, sicav, sicar, securitization funds, pcc);
  • establishment of trust companies in Luxembourg, England, San Marino and Switzerland;
  • structuring of trust contracts in San Marino;
  • subscription of private insurance (Ireland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein).
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