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Legal Consulting

Rules for Drawing up contracts
United Consulting supports both national and international customers during negotiations, and helps them draw up all kinds of commercial contracts both nationally and internationally.
United Consulting provides useful support and consulting services for the establishment of new companies and the fulfilment of ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Here is a list of its main services:

  • Choice of the type of company, preparation of the articles of incorporation and accomplishment of all necessary actions to establish the company in compliance with all general and special rules;
  • Dedicated consulting services for shareholders;
  • Company transfers /acquisitions;
  • Stock transfers /acquisitions ;
  • Joint Venture;
  • Mergers, acquisitions, transfers and conveyances;
  • Stock options plans;
  • Voluntary liquidation procedures

We have developed considerable expertise in the management of both national and international issues concerning specific sectors, such as banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. We also provide useful control services concerning the legal and fiscal conditions of companies.
Acquisition and Mergers
We manage M&A processes by supporting customers both during the pre-contractual and operational phase, and also help them check results through the preparation of targeted business planning and their effective execution.
Private Equity
An important part of our activities is dedicated to private equity operations. United Consulting supports both international funds and private clients, and helps them manage both the legal and fiscal aspects of those operations.
Luxembourg Investment Vehicles
We offer financial brokers, banks, money-saving firms, companies and private individuals strategic consulting services concerning Luxembourg Investment Vehicles, UCITS I, UCI II, SICAR, SIF, SECURITIZATION, SPF and SOPARFI.

We provide consulting and support both during the preliminary and operational phase.
Risk investments and "Lavarage/Management Buy-out"
We support companies dealing with risk investments and "Leverage/Management Buy-out", and give them useful advice on the best strategies to achieve their goals.

We provide assistance both during the preliminary feasibility studies and the planning phase when all business agreements are stipulated.
Crisis Management and Examination Procedures
We deal with the management of all problems deriving from the insolvency of trading companies.

We support customers both during the preliminary examination phase through the preparation of targeted reorganization, debt restructuring and liquidation plans, and during the procedures of preliminary composition with creditors. During the examination phase, our skilled partners and members can be appointed receivers, juridical advisors and official receivers.

We also provide assistance to the licensed intermediaries that are in charge of injunctions, extraordinary administrative procedures and forced liquidation.
Examinations, technical consulting, assessment of companies and properties
United Consulting deals with examination, advice and technical consulting for judicial, administrative and financial authorities, as well as with the assessment of companies and properties.
Third Sector
United Consulting provides consulting and legal aid to non-profit organizations, foundations, public institutions , welfare services, hospitals, professional unions and consumer unions.
We provide assistance both during the planning phase and the risk analysis in order to avoid contentious procedures. In contentious cases, we can support customers for the following disputes:

  • Disputes concerning national and international contracts;
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Competition disputes;
  • Labour law disputes;
  • Disputes concerning intellectual property rights.
We assist customers in both national and international arbitration cases for the resolution of all types of disputes.
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